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Complete with frame for easy installation.


Screw, tape, mud, sand and paint.

Complete with frame for easy installation.


Tape, mud, sand and paint.


This Cold Air return cover is magnetic and removable.  

It was designed to fit the standard duct size opening of

The frame muds right into your wall with a finished size of


Cold Air - Removable -30"

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Mud in Grill Cover 

    Duct opening 14" x 8"

    16" x 11" over all dimensions


    Designed for 1/2" thick drywall for a permanent installation.

    Low and high wall installations.


    Triple Fibre Reinforced Concrete Board.

    Easy Installation, primed and ready for paint.

    Fire Rated, Non-Flammable.

    Impact Resistant.

    Moisture and Water Resistant, Mold Resistant.

    Eco Friendly Manufacturing and Non-Hazardous.

    Material Specifications:-

    Overall dimensions "1/2"  X 12" X 18" (12mm x 305mm x 457mm



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