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For step by step instructions on how to install a Cold air return cover simply click the link below.


To see a Flush Floor Vent installation watch the video below.


Can I install flush floor vents on my own?

Are you handy? Do you plan to install your tile on your own?  

if not, we suggest you leave it to a pro!

Your contractor or "tile guy" will find this process super easy!  

Typically floor vent openings are either 4"x10" or 3" x 10"

Standard plastic or metal covers sit on top of the hole in your floor.

Our Vents are made to match and sit flush with your flooring. We cut our vents larger then the standard hole sizes.  This allows the vent cover to rest on the subflooring, like your flooring. 

For step by step instructions please watch our installation video above.

If you have ducting that is 3" x 10", when you tile your flooring, leave the hole 4 " x 11" instead and your new vent will fit perfectly.  

If your duct work is 4" x 10" - when you tile your flooring leave the hole 5" x 11" instead. 

You can drop off your flooring material to our shop or ship it directly to us. We will waterjet cut your vent for a perfect finish and ship it back to you. Once you have it you can install it with ease.


Can I install a Cold Air Return Grille on my own?

Are you handy?   Installing Flush Cold air returns is easy, but having them look flawless really depends on your ability to mud + sand like a pro.  

Using a knife of some sort, extend the standard hole/opening in your wall to fit the dimensions of the Vent cover you've purchased, either small or large.


Next, pop out the cover and screw the frame provided into the hole you've extended.  The screw holes should line up with the frame. 


Place the Vent cover and use drywall screws to attach it directly to the framing. 

Then tape and mud, once dry, sand and repeat until you have a smooth finish.


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